When families get together for the holidays, they arrive from all over the country, with different lifestyles, tastes, opinions and health considerations. Every holiday table won’t have a turkey, and football won’t always be the main topic of conversation (except in Alabama, of course). But one thing is true–everyone expects a great meal! That’s why we’ve put together our suggestions for pleasing all your guests–from the most discriminating to the most ravenous, and everyone in between.

Holiday Menu
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“Tough Crowd” Pleasers

Take it from us. We’re used to satisfying all those picky eaters as well as those other guys who will eat anything that’s not tied down (and a few things that are). So why not put our expertise in your oven! You can make a few of your own special recipes, concoct some delicious beverages, and still have plenty of time to enjoy a holiday visit with your guests. Take a look at our list of ready-made solutions for those “special people” on your guest list.

Soothe the Savage Beasts

When they show up at your door tired and grumpy from being squeezed into an airplane or car for hours, comfort them with Jambalaya and treat them to Homemade Brownies before they collapse in the guest room. Next morning, put out a Fresh Fruit Salad and Shrimp and Grits to start the day right.

No Turkey for Me, Thanks!

Don’t be afraid to invite your West Coast cousins. There are plenty of items on our menus to please them. Vegan Vickie will enjoy the Broccoli Brown Rice Pilaf. Portlandia Pete will gobble up the Goat Cheese Torte and dive into the Crab Mornay. They’ll all go home raving about the Spinach Madeline and the Brie and Raspberry Tarts.

The Hunger Gamers

What do you serve those ravenous hordes gathered around the TV and the Xbox? Grab a few Chicken Wings or Mini Po Boys from the Tailgate menu to keep them out of the kitchen.

Yeah You Rite!

So what about that bunch from Louisiana? You know they live breathe and TALK FOOD, so you better have some Seafood Gumbo and Shrimp & Artichoke Remoulade on hand to keep ’em quiet. And of course they’ll love the Cajun Fried Turkey and Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin and Bread Pudding to go with it!

So Relax!

Take it easy! Sit down at the table and pass the Pecan Pie ! Let us do the hard stuff and you take all the compliments.

All of these items and many more delectable choices are available to order for pickup. So take a look at our catering menus, then give us a call to place your order and pick up your Holiday feast on your way home from the spa!

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